Cæcilie Norby

Arabesque - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9723-2
  • Barcode: 614427972323
  • German Release: 28/01/2011
  • Genre: Vocal Jazz

Nicht nur für Klassikfreunde, Jazzfreaks oder Popfans, sondern für alle, die gute Melodien lieben.

CD € 17,50

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Musical pigeonholes have never interested Danish singer Cæcilie Norby: “I have always been in search of catchy melodies – if you want to have a hit in the pop world, you need a strong melody. In jazz the central subject is that which opens a piece and, in classical music, even the grandest orchestral arrangements may become boring and flat if they aren’t carried by a natural melody.” For Norby it is the melody that is the essence of music, and the decisive criteria according to which she evaluates and chooses music which is free of any genre boundaries. It is an approach which mirrors her extraordinary career and is probably also the secret of her success.As the daughter of classical musicians – her mother, Solveig Lumholt, was an opera singer and her father, Erik Norby, was a composer – it was the discovery of jazz with its bluesy, sw...

line up

Cæcilie Norby / vocals
Lars Danielsson / bass, cello, git, organ
Bugge Wesseltoft / piano, synth
Katrine Gislinge / piano
Ulf Wakenius / guitar
Palle Mikkelborg / trumpet
Hans Ulrik / flute, bass-clarinet
Anders Engen / drums & percussion
Xavier Desandre-Navarre / drums & percussion

Recording Information

Release Date in Scandinavia: October 4, 2010.

Produced by Lars Danielsson and Cæcilie Norby
Recorded at Bugges Room by Bugge Wesseltoft, Focus Studios by Hans Nielsen, Tia Dia Studios by Bo Savik and Lars Danielsson
Mixed and mastered at Nilento Studios by Lars Nilsson