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  • Johanna Summer

    "Johanna Summers music is full of imagination and without categories. Coming from European classical music, with a wonderful touch, she has created something perfect and unique. Beautiful music from A - Z. A new star in piano heaven,” writes piano icon Joachim Kühn about his young colleague Johanna Summer. And piano poet Malakoff Kowalski raves: “Scandalously good. I am thrilled and amazed by Johanna Summer. An artist who seems to fearlessly pursue her own music.” Rarely a debut album by a young instrumentalist has evoked such enthusiastic reactions as quickly as “Schumann Kaleidoskop” by the Berlin-based, award-winning pianist Johanna Summer. On the album she uses music from Robert Schumann's "Kinderszenen" and "Album für die Jugend" as starting points for completely free improvisations, thus creating completely new music with every run.

    The fact that Johanna Summer takes on the supreme discipline,solo piano, for her debut shows that she is an artist who never goes the easy way. Whether with classical pieces, original compositions or jazz standards she always manages to develop a wide, dynamic narrative, sometimes delicate and fragile, sometimes, tension-filled and rhythmically gripping or irresistibly melodious. At the same time, the listener never gets the impression that she is interested in showcasing as many ideas as possible, or presenting herself as a virtuoso. Everything happens in the spirit of musical storytelling, with an extremely mature, far-sighted view of dramaturgy, dynamics, tension and atmosphere. Süddeutsche Zeitung simply calls the result "a little sensation", Downbeat magazine „a unique debut, praiseworthy in its pursuit of merging genres“ and Jazz thing magazine describes Summer as "a pianist of a very special character, virtuoso, subtle and filigreed". Jazz, classical music and free playing - Johanna Summer creates her very own music out of the moment, and it is a true experience to listen to it.

  • 31.03.2023
    Johanna Summer
    DE - Merzhausen
    Johanna Summer | Solopiano
  • 20.04.2023
    Johanna Summer
    DE - Gauting
    Johanna Summer | Solopiano
  • 06.05.2023
    Marius Neset , Ulf Wakenius , Philip Catherine , Jakob Manz , Johanna Summer , Jazz At Berlin Philharmonic
    DE - Berlin
    Berliner Philharmonie
    Duo Art
  • 10.05.2023
    Jakob Manz & Johanna Summer
    DE - Bonn
    Jazzfest Bonn
    Jakob Manz & Johanna Summer
  • 20.05.2023
    Johanna Summer
    CH - Luzern
    Lucerne Festival