Jonas Knutsson

Flower In The Sky - CD | Out Of Print

  • Format: CD
  • Kat Nr.: ACT 9248-2
  • Barcode: 6 14427 92482 7
  • VÖ. Deutschland: 01.02.1997
  • Genre: Swedish Jazz, World Jazz
Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen nicht mehr erhältlich

Folk-Jazz from Sweden doesn’t only find friends in Scandinavia and isn’t all that new, either. Already in 1958, Quincy Jones let himself be encouraged during his work with the Swedish Radio Orchestra to write a Jazz arrangement of the Folksong ‘Ack Värmeland, du sköna’. Precisely this song was taken up again a good two years ago by Michael Gibbs for his project ‘Europeana Jazzphony No. 1’ (ACT 9220-2). From Sweden herself, the most important contribution came from Bengt Arne Wallin with his ‘Swedish Folk Modern’. Over the last years, the sextet of Swedes Ale Möller and Lena Willemark has caused a stir nationally and internationally thanks to their releases of improvised Folk (‘Nordan’ - Swedish Pop-Grammy and Award of the deutsche Schallplattenkritik; ‘Agram’, both on ECM). Last autumn, the band was celebrated at their only German live...


Jonas Knutsson – saxophones
Lena Willemark - vocals
Mats Öberg - keyboards
Hakan Wyöni - guitars
Mikael Berglund - bass
Rafael Sida - percussion
Michael Hedenquist - drums
Max Schultz - guitars
Johan Söderqvist - piano
Anders Persson - piano
Christian Spering - bass
Magnus Gran - drums.


Recorded (# 2 - 6) at Stockholm, September 1994
The other tracks recorded January and February 1992
Mastered by Radu Marinescu
Produced by Jonas Knutsson