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Julian Wasserfuhr - trumpet, Roman Wasserfuhr - piano
Jazz, Piano Jazz, Young German Jazz, Swedish Jazz
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  • Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr

    Already as a teenager, Julian Wasserfuhr was considered the greatest German trumpet talent since Till Brönner. Together with his brother Roman on the piano they form an inseparable team. Their (spiritual) kinship enhances the way they played together. The closeness of the two brothers lends their music an easily flowing and relaxed character. Whether with the trumpet or flugelhorn, Julian is not one of those musicians who constantly strives to go higher, faster, further. With his warm sound he creates the atmospheric space for the music. His brother Roman, with his accentuated radiant piano, makes no less a contribution to the band's fresh and yet mature and airy sound. Their highly lauded debut "Remember Chet", which they recorded as teenagers, launched the two musicians into the German jazz stratosphere. It didn't take long before there were playing with greats such as Nils Landgren, Lars Danielsson and Wolfgang Haffner, all the while developing their style more and more into their own characteristic, melodic-atmospheric "Wasserfuhr Sound": "I like the courage these two have to keep things simple. You have to be brave to do that. The admirable thing about it is that it is the opposite of show-off jazz," summarises actor Matthias Brandt.

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