Kadri Voorand

in Duo with Mihkel Mälgand - CD

  • Format: CD (also available as Vinyl )
  • Cat No.: ACT 9739-2
  • Barcode: 614427973924
  • German Release: 28/02/2020
  • Genre: Vocal Jazz, Duo Art, Jazz

“A great voice, that hits people’s body and soul“ London Jazz News

With her ACT debut, Estonian singer, songwriter and pianist Kadri Voorand proves why insiders rank her among the most versatile and talented rising stars in European jazz & beyond. A multi-facetted album infused with jazz, pop and folk music.

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“A great voice, that hits people’s body and soul“ London Jazz News The small Baltic nation of Estonia is internationally renowned for its singing traditions. Though originally a defiant celebration of its own identity in the face of past adversity, it’s also a reflection of a country that’s been looking to the future with a new freewheeling assertiveness.A boldly unique, roots-based yet forward-thinking approach is exactly what comes to mind when listening to one of the country’s brightest vocal stars, the charismatic 33-year-old singer, composer, pianist and improviser Kadri Voorand. On In Duo with Mihkel Mälgand Kadri engages passionately with a wide-screen musical soundscape that encompasses anything from acoustic folk-pop, classical, R&B through to jazz vocal and wordless improv.Kadri has already received much acclaim...

line up

Kadri Voorand / vocals, piano, chromatic kalimba, violin, glockenspiel & electronic effects
Mihkel Mälgand / double bass, bass guitar, bass drum, cello & percussion

Guest: NOËP / vocals on What If I Did Kill You

Recording Information

Recorded by Kadri Voorand and Kaur Kenk in Kasispea (Estonia), February 14 - April 30, 2019
Mixed by Miikka Huttunen
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck

Lacquer Disc Cutting by Sidney Claire Meyer at
Emil Berliner Studios Berlin

Produced by Kadri Voorand
Co-produced by Mihkel Mälgand