Mulo Francel

Mocca Swing - 2 CD Set

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 6020-2
  • Barcode: 614427602022
  • German Release: 27/10/2017
  • Genre: Saxophone Jazz, Jazz, Good Time Jazz

This album lives up to the promise of its title: it is hot, appealing and enlivening. “Mocca Swing” is a retrospective of the musical creativity of Mulo Francel. It documents his role as a passionate builder of bridges between young and old, one’s home country and abroad, and between jazz and other music genres.

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Many people who have never heard the name of Mulo Francel will nonetheless be aware of his playing, because the saxophonist is one of the founder members of Germany's most successful world music group Quadro Nuevo, which has been in existence since 1996. For Francel, this band provides the ideal means to channel any need he might have for travel, and also to give musical expression to his innate curiosity about other cultures. Quadro Nuevo brings him into contact with musicians, myths and melodies from all over the world, and these encounters happen “in the spirit of jazz”: freely, spontaneously and non-judgementally. That said, Francel’s musical roots are unquestionably in jazz. His legacy from a father who died too soon was a collection of jazz records, which became the door to a new world for the young Mulo. At the age of 16, he sav...

line up

CD1: Mulo Francel Quartet Recordings
Mulo Francel / tenor saxophone, clarinet
David Gazarov / piano
Sven Faller / bass
Robert Kainar / drums

CD2: Orchestra Works
Mulo Francel & Münchner Rundfunkorchester
Enrique Ungarte / conductor, accordion
Quadro Nuevo
Café del Mundo
Paulo Morello / guitar
Max Klaas / percussion
David Gazarov , Robert Kainar & Sven Faller

Recording Information

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefan Gienger
at Mastermix Studio, Munich, Nov. 2016 & May 2017

Produced by Mulo Francel

Cover art by Katja Strunz
“Two Electrons Approaching Each Other”, 2017, Pulp Painting, courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin