Nils Landgren

Teamwork - 2 Vinyl LP

  • Format: Vinyl (erhältlich auch als CD )
  • Kat Nr.: ACTLP 9552-1
  • Barcode: 614427955210
  • VÖ. Deutschland: 30.08.2013
  • Genre: Swedish Jazz, Funky Jazz

Die beste Funk Unit aller Zeiten! „Teamwork“ ist Party-Stimmung pur. Locker-lässig zirkulieren die Töne durch die Reihen, brillante Bläsersätze wechseln ab mit ekstatischen Solos, tanzbare Beats und fulminante Tempoverschärfung, cooler Gesang und starke Melodien, aber auch Zeit für Eleganz und den innigen Klammerblues.

Aus vertrieblichen Gründen nicht mehr erhältlich

In addition to the original album with the special guests Joe Sample, Wilton Felder and Till Brönner the song "You Got It" with the most famous South African soul singer LIRA and the bonus tracks "427 Of Nine" and "Funky For You" are included on LP.This might well be the best Funk Unit that Nils Landgren has had gathered around him since 2010: technically outstanding, this is a group of team players who combine well with a great groove connection. James Brown meets Parliament meets Crusaders meets Funk Unit: that's one way you could describe the musical concept on "Teamwork". It is pure party feeling, the notes whirl coolly through the ranks, superb horn sets alternate with ecstatic solos, dance beats, smooth vocals and strong melodies, but there is also time for elegance and heartfelt blues.&nbs...


The Funk Unit is:
Nils Landgren / trombone & vocals
Magnum Coltrane Price / bass & vocals
Magnus Lindgren / woodwinds & vocals
Jonas Wall / woodwinds & vocals
Sebastian Studnitzky / keyboards & trumpet
Andy Pfeiler / guitar & vocals
Robert Ikiz / drums

Special Guests:
Joe Sample / rhodes solo on 05
Wilton Felder / tenor sax solo on 08
Till Brönner / trumpet solo on 06


Produced by Magnum Coltrane Price & Nils Landgren
Recorded by Janne Hansson, February 7 - 10, 2013 at Atlantis Studio Stockholm
Mixed by Magnum Coltrane Price
Mastered by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering Stockholm

Cover art: Teamgeist II, 2006, by Martin Noël (1956 - 2010), by permission of Margarete Noël