Aktueller ACT Exklusivkünstler
Lutz Streun - sax & clarinet / Til Schneider - trombone / Sebastian Winne - drums
Young German Jazz

Three Fall

Just a trio; smaller than you'd think. Is something missing? Less is more. A challenge becomes innovation. Three individuals in a team. A magic triangle between structure and improvisation. Quite ingenious and offbeat. Always good for a surprise. And of course it all has to be fun. Is it even jazz? Hip-hop, rock, world music, reggae, funk and pop. It is everything that works that bonds the Three Fall world at its core. Jazz sounds different. Socially reconditioned. With fresh energy for people who don't believe in limits. Jazz as the great freedom to play what you feel, think and know. No fear of tradition and convention. Respect. Nobody plays like Three Fall. But it is not for the sake of being different, it is because that is just the way they are.