Vincent Meissner

Bewegtes Feld - CD

  • Cat No.: ACT 9682-2
  • Barcode: 614427968227
  • German Release: 28/05/2021
  • Genre: Piano Jazz, Young German Jazz, Jazz

New German jazz hope: Vincent Meissner's debut is a remarkable statement by a still young individualist who knows the basic library and jumps from there to his own. Unbridled joy in playing complex forms and rhythms meet a lot of desire to experiment and a remarkable sense for unusual melodies that stick in the memory. The result is a big picture that invites you to dive into the details and follow the twists and turns. Sometimes wild and bustling, then again sparkling and concise, in any case very moving.

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It is hard to believe it as one listens to this album: pianist Vincent Meissner is just twenty years old. The drummer in the trio, incidentally, is even younger. Recognition for this major talent has started to grow, however, and the prizes are rolling in. Meißner has so far won six: the Bechstein Piano Competition, the Concert Prize of the Jazzopen Stuttgart, the Förderpreis of the German Jazz Union, the Jazzhaus Competition Freiburg and the Central German Jazz Prize. And he is also already showing quite some capacity to make smart decisions and follow them through. When he was chosen as to represent Saxony in the prestigious “Jugend jazzt” event in 2019, he opted to take a new approach to presenting his music. Rather than building pieces out of fragments or sketches, as he had done until then, he created a suite of connected pieces....

line up

Vincent Meissner / piano
Josef Zeimetz / bass
Henri Reichmann / drums

Recording Information

Recorded by Johannes Kellig at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, January 15 -17, 2021, except 01, 02, 04 & 15 recorded by Nico Raschke at Hansahaus Studios Bonn, February 17 -19, 2020

Mixed by Johannes Kellig
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Produced by Michael Wollny

Cover by Siggi Loch