22.12.2022SpotlightHeinz Sauer

Happy Birthday Heinz Sauer

When one speaks about Heinz Sauer, as now, around his 90th birthday on 25.12.2022, all categories and clichés are obsolete, because the great saxophonist also consequently excludes them from his music.
Heinz Sauer is Heinz Sauer. One of the most important German jazz musicians. With an utterly distinct tone and unshakeable conviction. One who is constantly searching and discovering. Being able to witness this process as a listener is a gift, and a source of never-ending discoveries.
His longtime duo partner Michael Wollny once said that he and Sauer avoid talking too much about their music - too many words get in the way of what emerges spontaneously.
Some music does not need words.
Don't explain.
Happy Birthday, Heinz Sauer.

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